Naltrexone Side Effects

Since June of last year I have lost 20 pounds unintentionally.  At first, I blamed the naltrexone for causing gastrointestinal complications requiring me to eat every meal in the bathroom.  Not really, that is gross, but you get the point... Then loss of appetite which is very common with this medication did not help my... Continue Reading →

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Holy SHIT 2017!!

Thus far, the year 2017 was the most unforgettable period in my life.  First and foremost, I would like to give a "shout out of thanks" to the pharmaceutical companies who make psychiatric medications. LOL... Also, my psychiatric nurse practitioner for discontinuing medication that left me emotionless, numb and cold for over 10 years. For... Continue Reading →

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Everything was so peaceful and pain-free, and then the burning in my nose, narcan... and I slip away again.  I can hear voices...hang in there...what did she take...burning in my vein, so cold, so very cold.  I hear sirens,  the pain is excruciating, I am struggling to breath.  I open my eyes, there is 9... Continue Reading →

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Who’s to say good or bad…

Who's to say good or bad... The story goes like this, a man had a horse run away from his farm, friends said to him, "wow you are falling on bad times", the man replied, "who's to say good or bad".  The next day the man's son found the horse and while riding back to... Continue Reading →

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Karma, I call bullshit

Where did I park my truck?  I just continued to drive the motorized shopping cart around the Wal-Mart parking lot,  4 degrees outside,  the wheels keep getting stuck in the snow.  My foot is still throbbing from last night's dresser drawer injury, where is my fucking truck!  Screw it, I am not going to find... Continue Reading →

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Addy – Jacobsen Syndrome

My granddaughter Addy has Jacobsen Syndrome, a rare genetic chromosomal disorder. Without getting too clinical, chromosome 11q has a deletion, resulting in severe developmental, physical and mental  delays.  Tomorrow Addy turns 3 years old, she is a miracle, and I have no idea what life would be like without her in our family. Through the... Continue Reading →

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Still one of those people who feels emotional anxiety, physical exhaustion, and a general sense of being overwhelmed after a vulnerable interaction.  Particularly, when said interaction was in an unfamiliar environment,  with a loved one whom I have hurt. I am a fucking mess tonight!  I can't sleep my head is going 100 miles an... Continue Reading →

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There is no shame and/or guilt compared to a parent who fucked up with their children.  I could write a book on the numerous failures of raising my children.  It is only until you mess up your own children do you forgive your parents, and the cycle continues.  Believe me, your children will blame you... Continue Reading →

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3 Vasectomies Later

I wonder if my mother has died yet.  How can someone survive so long in hospice?  They say you die how you lived,  well she was a miserable person,  therefore she will die a miserable death.  My only regret, not asking her the truth about who my real father is. Is he the one on... Continue Reading →

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Found myself enjoying the sound of christmas music today.  What the hell is going on? I was looking at wreaths, smiling, and shopping.  To be honest, I am so excited about christmas this year.  Excited most of all to be emotionally, mentally and physically present for my loved ones.  I have been in a very... Continue Reading →

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Long story short... I use to be married to a pastor! He died of a heart attack brought on from a relapse of cocaine... But that is a whole other blog. Don't stop reading this!! I no longer am associated with the church. However, I do have this belief in something, call it God, call... Continue Reading →

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The sky is falling!

All of a sudden the proverbial train stopped,  and I am just sitting here and in front of me is all this trauma.  I got in a fight with my cupboard this morning, well really,  I was pretending like the cupboard was my dead ex husband, I won the fight... then ended up having to... Continue Reading →

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There is nothing more pathetic than a depressed person laying on the couch in there pajamas all day.  Almost five days out of this depression and I can say that maybe time does heal things.  I am convinced that Michigan is completely depressed right now!  I swear there has been NO sunshine in almost three... Continue Reading →

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